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The journey started with Sri Adhar Chandra Das who prepared two new variety of sweets -Sarpuria and Sarvaja .Initially he did not have any shop .He used sale them by himself by traveling various places. .The delicious sweets soon got popularity .Then he established the shop on Nediarpara on 1902. After then Sri Jagabandhu Das (1921-1985), elder son of Adhar Chandra Das continued the tradition with exuberant excellence. He started producing various new exotic sweets like- Khirpuli, Nikhuti, Srimoti (Rakam Barfi), Rasa Kadamba, Roll Cream, Sandwich. Soon the popularity of these sweets engulf the local province. Sri Jagabandhu Das left his heritage to his laudable son Sri Goutam Das, who is also an Advocate by Profession. Keeping in mind the change in customers taste and preference with the change of time he introduced contemporary sweets like Black Diamond, Keshori Bhog and snacks like Veg Kargil, Veg Pasundi yet retaining same tradition of the classic items.

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